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Old Textiles
Our collection of old textiles comes from all over India, Pakistan & Afghanistan. As time goes by these items are becoming harder to find and we have to go further afield to collect interesting and unusual items. The old textiles are our passion and we love to show them to people who share our enthusiasm. These pieces are all handmade one-offs originally created for personal use, not sale. Each one is a little work of art and a little piece of history.

We have a large collection of door hangings, tribal clothing, cushions and pillows, shawls, pot holders, bags and purses, small embroidered pieces, wallhangings, bedcovers & throws all in their original state. We also stock patchwork wall hangings and bedcovers which have been made by cutting up the old pieces and restitching them. The main centres for old textiles in India are Rajasthan, Gujerat and Karnataka and our collection includes examples of Kutchi, Salma, Ressum, Zari, Rajkoti, Patel, Mochi, Khark and Banjara work from these regions.

Over recent years the prices of these items has sky-rocketed as demand outstrips supply. Thanks, however, to our contacts at village level we are still able to source these items at affordable prices.
Torans (Doorhangings)
Tribal clothing
Cushions & Pillows
Pot Holders
Bags & Purses
Small Pieces
Throws & Bedcovers

* These items are 100% hand embroidered.

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